January 27, 2007


Community Enhancement

Behind the scenes in this great community of ours are many busy people doing more than their share to keep Aptos a wonderful place to live. Gary Smith, executive director of Leadership Santa Cruz, heads the Aptos Community Enhancement committee. This tireless committee is involved in the Aptos Village Plan, the Seacliff Village Plan, the Joe Hemingway Skate Park, graffiti abatement, and public art.

This month the Community Enhancement Award was presented to Nathan Lewis, of Lewis Tree Service, for his continued efforts in making sure that the Aptos Village Christmas Tree is lighted year after year. Arriving with his cherry picker to ensure that the lights can reach the top of the massive tree, Nathan always makes sure the job is done to perfection.

The entire town appreciates his dedication. In 2006, awards were presented to many of our residents for their various contributions to our community. Two couples who decided to take an active stance against bothersome graffiti are Elizabeth and Marq Lipton, and Robert and Marilyn Hoyt. Mr. Lipton commented how he got his retribution by speedily painting over the graffiti before the perpetrator had the chance to show off his "artwork" to his admirers.

Another approach to eliminating graffiti was taken by Kimberly Hardin. Many know her for her charming art school and the prolific works that her students produce. She is responsible for the mural on the retaining wall on Soquel Drive between Freedom and Rio Del Mar boulevards.

Click Here to visit the Kimberly Hardin Art School